Accounting and reporting services for your German company

  • Directors, business owners or mother companies need to have a tool to determine what results have been achieved in the past to make decisions for the future. Good records enable you to substitute informed judgment for guesswork and intuition in making business decisions.

    Plus Advise is located in Duesseldorf and Krefeld, Germany. We provide you a full spectrum of financial reporting services. We prepare a complete and individual reporting each month that provide you an accurate picture of your financial position.

    Plus Advise provides the following reporting services:

    Bookkeeping and accounting services / internal reports:

    Management accounts are the primary source of information which businesses and organisations use to run their operations and plan for the future. Many companies, however, do not have the necessary in-house resources or capabilities to produce this invaluable source of management information.

    Plus Advise helps you to prepare individual and customized management accounts for either internal or external reporting purposes.

    Although the main aim of your internal reporting is to provide you with an accurate picture of business and financial performance.

    For many companies located near Düsseldorf, we provide outsourced accounting services.

    German Tax accounting services and tax reports:

    There are lots of tax returns that are required by federal, state and municipal governmental agencies: income tax, local trade tax, corporate income tax, sales tax and payroll tax. The responsibility for keeping records and proving their accuracy falls on the taxpayer, so the importance of keeping records is obvious. Plus Advise helps you to file your returns accurate and timely.

    AP Reports:We provide you a payable reporting services like vendor invoices input to payable system, invoices classification to proper G/L account, report aged payables and cash requirements to the organization etc.

    Accounts Receivables Reports: Plus Advise provides AR follow up services and but also regular reporting for the health of your account receivables including reports like aged Receivables, Customer reports, Invoice/Sales reports etc.

    Bank Reconciliation:

    We enable you to monitor and control your bank accounts, on a daily basis. Materials like cancelled checks and bank statements can be sent directly to us, so we can immediately reconcile the account and alert you regarding any matters that require your attention.

    General Ledger Reports:Our accountants provide and support the entire finance back office function of your companies General Ledger Maintenance. These include month-end and year-end general ledger reports, Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Ledger report etc.

    Inventory Reports:We provide inventory reporting and help you with reports like stock status reports, item master lists and item costing reports. We also assist you to process receipts, withdrawals; reorder levels, average monthly usage, inactivity and current value etc.

    Financial Statements:We can prepare a complete set of financial reports for you, including (but not limited to) balance sheets, and income and cash flows statements.

    Customized Reports:Feel free to ask Plus Advise for additional customized reports that will further help you manage your operations for greater efficiency and profit. These include budget preparation and compliance issues.

    Payroll services for your German company

    The German tax and social security system is very complex. If your company employs employees in Germany, it is your obligation to take care of a proper payroll and personal accounting. Even for your employees satisfaction it is obligatory to provide them accurate payroll slips.

    For our clients we provide outsourced payroll services and payroll accounting services. With a customized reporting we give you a monthly overview of your payroll accounting including all the German specifics.

    Within the Payroll accounting we will provide you:

    • Setting up your company information
    • Registration of New Starters/De-registration of leavers
    • company pension schemes and pension plans
    • Recording employees wages details (with cost centres if required)
    • Calculation of Net Wages
    • Monthly payslips for your employees
    • Preparation of the Payroll Reports
    • Electronic submission and printing of tax notifications
    • Electronic submission and printing of the social security evidence review
    • Preparation of the social security references
    • Preparation of reimbursement claims for Sickness and Maternity
    • Preparation of the necessary journal entries for your financial accounting and bookkeeping
    • Producing all payment documents (including if required a payment file for sending to your bank)

    Annual Payroll Tasks

    • Peparation of income tax certificates for each employee
    • Producing the annual Social Security reports

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